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Bucket List

Below is a list of things we would like to do together, and individually, in our lives before we kick the ‘ol bucket.  As we complete them, we will be crossing them off.  We would love it if you added some of your own in the comments below for us to consider.


  1. Set foot on all continents
  2. Solve a Rubik’s cube (I played for 5 minutes and kind of changing my mind about this one)
  3. Go on a Safari

    Sibuya Game Reserve, South Africa 2016
  4. Swim with Dolphins
  5. Bungie Jump
  6. Scuba Dive
  7. Fly an airplane
  8. Be happy in a bikini
  9. Go backpacking
  10. Renew our vows
  11. Go to Disney World

    Orlando 2014
  12. Sleep under the stars
  13. Drink at Oktoberfest
  14. Sleep in an Igloo
  15. See a Solar Eclipse

    August 2017 Bahamas
  16. Skinny Dip

    Free as birds

  17. Plant a tree
  18. Go to an Opera

    New York 2016
  19. Feed a homeless person
  20. Visit Machu Picchu
  21. Go up the Eiffel Tower

    Paris, France 2016
  22. Ride a Gondola in Venice
  23. See a glacier

    Alaska 2012
  24. Be an extra in a movie
  25. Complete a journal
  26. Float in the dead sea
  27. Ride an Elephant

    A photo of a photo Maria our beloved elephant
  28. See the Northern Lights
  29. See Lumineers in Concert
  30. Go to India
  31. Ride a horse in the ocean

    Noordhoek, South Africa 2016
  32. Swim with sharks

    Our neighbours at Compass Cay, Bahamas 2015-17
  33. Go to Coachella
  34. Do a road trip
  35. Hang a love lock in Paris

    Love Lock Bridge, Paris 2016
  36. Watch the sun rise at Taj Mahal
  37. Volunteer
  38. Pay for a strangers dinner
  39. Go in a helicopter

    Aaron’s Surprise 30th Bday Present, Banff Canada
  40. Go to a drive-in movie theater
  41. Host a come-dine-with-me dinner party
  42. Complete a Half-Marathon
  43. Throw an adults kid Party
  44. Go to a murder mystery dinner
  45. Sleep in a Castle
  46. Party til the break of dawn
  47. Parasail

    Cancun, Mexico 2014 (Aaron’s favourite photo)
  48. Cook in India
  49. New Years in New York
  50. Read a book in one sitting
  51. Stay in an over-water bungalow
  52. See Iceland
  53. See Santa
  54. Adopt an rescue animal

    Sonny Cat, Bahamas 2016
  55. Go to a lavender field
  56. Ride London Eye
  57. Holi Festival
  58. Go to a carnival
  59. Learn Yoga
  60. Have our families together again
  61. Nile River cruise
  62. Harbor Island, Bahamas
  63. Fly first class
  64. Be in a Broadway/West End musical
  65. See the cherry blossoms in Japan
  66. Ride in a Hot Air Balloon
  67. Get abs
  68. Attend Ascot or Kentucky Derby (pre-vegan)
  69. Do a Colour Run
  70. Masquarade Ball
  71. Have a carpet picnic like Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman
  72. See the wild horses in Utah
  73. Own a Tiny House
  74. See friend Matea in Croatia
  75. Go to Budapest
  76. Rapelling
  77. Go to the Christmas Markets
  78. See Adele in Concert
  79. Throw a surprise party

    Nicole’s Birthday, Bahamas 2017
  80. Go to an Indian wedding
  81. Go to a cat café
  82. Visit Victoria Falls
  83. Go skiing in Whistler
  84. Stay on a Ranch
  85. Go to a miniature town
  86. Complete Sweat with Kayla Program (time of writing week 24)
  87. See Tony Robbins
  88. Go to an awards show
  89. Celebrate our 50th Wedding Anniversary
  90. Teach something
  91. Learn a language
  92. Go to see a Gospel Choir
  93. Get Christened
  94. Do a project to give back to a community
  95. Do a pullup
  96. Join a protest
  97. Own a home in the UK and Canada
  98. Get Canadian Citizenship
  99. Volunteer on an organic farm
  100. Great Wall of China


12 thoughts on “Bucket List

    1. Thanks Jamie! I feel like there are so many things we could put on there that I’m sure as we cross things off, more things will be added. If you have any ideas let us know, because sometimes someone will be telling me about their own experiences and it makes me want to do the same thing!

  1. Wow you’ve done so many awesome things already in a few short years – I have no doubt you’ll do everything you want to in all the years to come❤️. Love you both so much! V

    1. Thanks Vanessa, and love you too! I’m not sure…because the more we do, the more we want to do!

  2. Can Hef and I take you for your first scuba dive? We are qualified to do it now! LOVE your bucket list xxxx

    1. We would love to! We are finally going to get our PADI certs in Dumaguete, Philippines, and then we are all yours.

    2. We would LOVE to go diving with you guys! Congrats on getting your qualifications! Please let us know about any amazing diving sites you have been to, to add to our list.

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    1. Thanks for the advice! Would love to continue travelling as long as possible so will definitely look into monetizing in the near future. Cheers!

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