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Happy New Year!

Happy new year to all of you lovely people!! I haven’t wrote for a long time because during the day we adventure and in the night I’ve been into this amazing book “I am Pilgrim”. It’s a must read!!

So any way immmmmm back!!! Chiang Mai is one of my favorite places in Thailand. It’s north of the crazy, and it just feels more like home to me. I can’t remember the order of things as we have spent around two weeks plus here, but here are some highlights:

Happy New Year! We spent our New Year’s in Chiang Mai, we went to our favourite restaurant Vegan Heaven and had a feast!! Big time feast! Afterwards we walked around the old city and let off a lantern making wishes for our loved ones .. it was magical and also scary with hundreds of low flying lanterns everywhere!

Writing our wish…

We randomly came across a courtyard/street party, it was sooo loud and the DJs were awesome .. it’s so funny everyone dancing sexy and Aaron and I bust out our T-Rex eating air dance moves with a mixture of me doing the Matrix move (which I think I’m getting really good at).  After having our eardrums blown out and a power cut we left to run back to our hostel so we could sit on the roof top and see the New Year in .. with a 5-minute count down, a cheap sparkling wine from 7/11, and Auld Lang Syne at the ready courtesy of iTunes we counted down and welcomed 2018… this year will be about being the best us and just loving life!

A magical New Year’s Eve in Chiang Mai

We wanted to see the New Year in the right way, so we did an early morning yoga class .. wow… this lady said let’s do a slow warm up and we had to pass the block from the floor to our heads with our feet.. she Deffo set the tone but awesome class and a great way to welcome my body into 2018.

The next thing that has been super important to us is giving back to people, so we decided to volunteer at an eco-lodge in Chiang Mai, which would include general cleaning, assisting building, feeding the animals and some general things! I have to be honest, at first I was a little overwhelmed it was extremely cold, very different from the luxuries we have and I got let off easy but lots of digging and carrying.  The hearts of the Thais and the other people we met will always be worth it a hundred times over .. they welcomed us into there family home for a two-day celebration of a new temple, fed us, fed us, fed us and gave us their bed and they slept on the floor. I will be forever grateful and will deffo volunteer again! In our free time we would play in the waterfall, see the elephants (no ride!!! Save an elephant ride a bicycle) and trekking!

Spa mantra pregnancy massage course .. this course was a two day course and it taught me how to use different techniques to massage all the mummas. I love learning massage in Thailand as the teaching here is extremely thorough and it’s a great environment!


Massage massage massage !!
When we came to Thailand for our honeymoon a few years ago we found a spa called Cheeva Spa and it’s literally my favorite spa in the world!! BIG STATEMENT! It’s nothing fancy fancy, but beautiful buildings and the massages are always so amazing and they always braid my hair and put a flower in it for finishing touches! And for your after-massage treat they make you famous sticky mango and rice. It’s so awesome to see that after years of being there the standards are still just as great!

Chiang Mai in the end became our kind of home base and we would travel to Pai and then back to Chiang Mai to travel to Chiang Rai … as always it was good to us .. until we meet again.

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